About Us

TRADE SECRET opened its doors in Woodstock, the bustling design centre of Cape Town, in April 2012. Originally the brainchild of Company Director, Alex Cresswell-Turner, we’ve grown to be loved by Interior Designers and homemakers alike.

Rather than just being another furniture supplier, we saw an opportunity to get our hands on beautifully crafted furniture at a fraction of the cost – a saving that we can pass directly on to our loyal customers!

The (badly kept) secret is we’re able to buy up cancelled orders and overruns deemed for magical destinations. We do this through nurturing relationships with carefully selected overseas manufacturers. New containers are delivered monthly from overseas, so you never know what you’ll find in our showroom.

Through our close relationships with local painters / movers, we’re also able to customise your product and delivery to suit your needs. Most of our products are available for immediate delivery so there’s no annoying wait for furniture to be made after you have placed your order.

We look forward to welcoming you to our 500m2 warehouse and showing you around!